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Frenemies in Space - The Game

Frenemies in Space - The Game

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Frenemies in Space is a tabletop game inspired by the Alien Frens NFT collection. In this game players pilot Alien Frens through space to gather Fren Coin and celery in a race to win.

Frenemies in Space features a game board made up of 12 original planets based on the lore, art and culture of the Alien Frens community. Players draw and play from a deck of 80 unique trait cards based on traits in the NFT collections. Players can find bonus power ups, lay booby traps, harvest tokens and attack other players as they fight to be first place.

The game features original art and game pieces, created by some of the most beloved artists in the Alien Frens community. Be one of the first to play this gem with your friends and family. (No NFT ownership required.)


* Average gameplay: 30-60 minutes
* Ages: 10 and up
* Players: 2-4
* No NFT ownership required

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This board game is the new center piece for family game night in my household. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a unique board game to play with the whole squad!

Eiman Jahangir
Excellent game

Fun, easy to learn game great for the whole family. Game time was about 30 minutes which was the perfect amount of time for our family.